Peridot: Crystal of the Sun

1. It's Made of What?

Peridot is comprised of Iron, Magnesium and Silicate, and varies in its green color according to how much iron is contained in the crystal. The more iron, the brighter the green color.    

2. Where can I dig this stuff up?

Peridot is mined from around the world including Pakistan, China, Berma, and in Arizona.    

3. But how did it get here?

Peridot is formed from Volcanic Activity in the earth’s upper mantel. Some peridot is very ancient having been found in pallasite meteorites which are remnants from the birth of our solar system, Peridot has even been discovered in a comet with the help of the Stardust space probe.    

4. Tell me a bit about its history, please!

Peridot has been used for thousands of years and was once refered to as “the emerald of the evening” and has been confused with Emeralds throughout history. Ancient Egyptians referred to it as “the gem of the sun” and was often used as protection from things that go bump in the night.    

5. It can do what?

Today, Peridot is known for its effects in regard to cycles and phases in one’s life and can be especially helpful in stopping negative patterns, opening blockages of the heart and preparing one to receive universal blessings. 

6. Can it help me with stuff?

Peridot is best used for transformation of negative to positive including assisting with overcoming physical or emotional dependencies or addictions. It is also an excellent stone for the wounded healer aiding in helping others journey through what you have already overcome.    

7. Give me some Practice examples, please!

  • Place Peridot over the Solar Plexus to dispel nervous butterflies, or feelings of anxiety, guilt, or impatience. Relax and breathe deeply until you feel calm and ready to continue with your tasks.  

  • Place Peridot over the heart while sitting quietly to facilitate forgiveness or relieve jealousy and doubt in yourself.  

  • Wear Peridot for good luck, to prevent nightmares, to prevent gossip and deception, or while seeking higher states of consciousnesses.   

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